What's your favourite food? Tell us about a traditional meal from your country.

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 I like all of food! Yummy

i like eggs with rice

hi i swedich and my favrit food is meatballs and spagheti godbye

 Hi, I'm from Vietnam. My favorite food is soup, chicken and rice. Vietnam traditional food is rice, I think.

my fav food is spanakopita (savoury  pie)
greek tradianol food is kolokythoanthoi 

My favourite food is pizza. 
Macedonian traditional food is peas and rice. :)

I like pears, rice, pasta. My favourite meal is roast chicken.I hate  kissel. Bye -Bye!  

Hi! My name is Lera. I am from Russia. I like traditional Russian food.

I am an Indian .My favourite food are :-

Dosa , Tandoori, Biryani, Italian Platter , Mexican Platter, Seafood , Chinese and continental

Dear Miss Lucky Mouse 
no one write  a text for me. But you can ,dont you? In turkey we have loads of kind of food and they are reallyyy DELİCİOOSSSS. If you want to know please reply me a text.