What's your favourite food? Tell us about a traditional meal from your country.

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My  name  is  Suharshi.
Today  is  my  first  day  at  Learn English kids.
My favourite food is pizza.
I'm so happy.

my favorite food is hamburger and peache in can

Hi!!! I am Anne from Ukraine. My fave food is pizza, cakes, and ice-cream!!!

Hi ....My name is Aimee,
My favourite food is rice,chickencurry and broccoli

hi i am keshav from tamil nadu-india
i like idli and sambar

My name is William. I am from Sweden. I like tacos!

Hi. I'm from Malaysia. Do you visited Malaysia before? If not, let me introduce you some traditional food here. First of all, is the ''nasi lemak '' That is a kind of food that they mix curry on top. Sometimes they put a boil egg at the side. Next , the '' roti canai '' Roti means bread , but not like buns or sandwiches.  The roti canai is also can mixed with eggs. Finally, the mooncake. Mooncake is also the food I like . During the Moon Festival , we taste some delicios mooncakes. So, the food shown above is yummy too ! When you visit Malaysia, remember to taste some of these.

I'm Prashan from Sri-Lanka, but I stay in U.A.E.
My favorite food is KIRIBATH
there are lots of delecious foods in Sri lanka like KAWUM, KIRIBATH, ASMI, KOKIS.etc.

i like to eat potatos

i like to eat chickin