Can you swim? How old were you when you learned to swim? Do you swim in a pool or in the sea? Do you like swimming? How often do you go swimming?

Your Turn: Swimming
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I can swim. I learn how to swim in 6 years old. I swim in the pool and I like swimming. I swim basically at summer.

 Yes, I can, since I was a child. :)) nice

Hello! i am cyclingmusic2000 i like swiming,hockey,baseball and cricket
in the top swiming in my hobies thankyou.

I like swiming because it is my favorate  it is top in my hobbies.

  •  I really love swimming.
  • In summer holydays i learn about swimming.
  • i can do freestyle,backstroke,breast stroke,butterfly and side stroke.

i like swining.
in holydays i learn about swiming .
i like in swiming
good luck.

Yes, I can swim. When I learned to swim I was only four years old. I swim both in a swimming pool and in the sea. Yes, I like swimming very much. I go swimming any time I like it, because I live on the seaside.  


 I hate swim! I learn  it when I was three. I swim in a pool. It's horrible. The water is VERY cold, brrr.  

Hi, my name is Martina, i from Lodi, Italy.
Yes, i can swim.  I like swimming in the pool, i learned to swim when 3 years old.
I go to the pool almost every day except Wednesday and Sunday.