Are you a good goalkeeper? Can you help the goalie to save all 10 shots? Play Shot Stopper!

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Game developed by Cambridge English Online


Tell us about football.

  • Do you like playing football?
  • Who is your favourite footballer?
  • Do you play football at school?
  • Are you good at scoring goals?
Average: 3.9 (887 votes)


I will be a football player

 my best sport is socer

 I saved 8 of 10

 I think  this game i'snt to hard

 My record is 7!!!!!!

This game is so hard. My best score was 4.

my best score is four, my worst score is two

A very hard game!

My worst score is 2,my best score is 3.

This game is very hard. I got 0 ! :(