Do you like reading? Do you have a favourite book or comic? Tell us all about what you like to read here.

Your Turn: Reading
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 I love books and I read everyday. My favourite books are all about dinosaurs, I love Brachiosaurus and Monoclonius. 

  •  nancy drew
  • judy blum
  • dork diares
  • diary of the wimpy kid
  • fudge
  • bad kitty

I like reading books .My favourite book is : When the sun... that book is written by Georgia Sari. The book is aboyt the second war of the world and says how lived the kids in Greece .
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I LOVE READING i like to read adventure and barbie stories my favourite story book name is snow white i love this website because its very interesting website and it is helpfull to improve our english

I like to read sherlock holmes books.

i don't like a read many books but here is a everysing very interesting. My favourite book is a "David Koperfilde" by Charlz Dikens. It's about a one littel boy's who is a very interesting. This is a one reason why you must read it! 

Hi. I really love reading! If im not on computer, i read some books. I like encyclopedies and private books ( like diary ).


I love books, My favorite is..... well I actully have 2.

Sue Hampton and Jaquline Wilson!

My Favourite books from sue hampton are

  1. Frank
  2. The Lincoln Im

My Favorite books from Jaquline wilson are

  1. The Mummy Cat
  2. Bad Girls

mi to al laik ridan a bok 

i love reading ... my favourite books arer harry poter and tom sawer!!!!they are the best books, believe me