Which languages do you speak? Which languages do you speak at home and at school? Which language do you read in? Which language do you watch TV or films in? Which language do you dream in?

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Im Slovakian and speak Slovak
I speak mainly Slovak, with advanced English and Czech ( Is very similliar to Slovak ) and beginning Spanish and German
I read Slovak, English and German in School, but Slovak, English and sometimes Czech home
I watch Czech, but i switch it to English ( yes, our TV can do that, even with normal programs )

I'm from Vietnam and i speak Vietnamese. At school,in Vietnamese time I'm speak Vietnamese, but in English's I'm speak English.I like English more Vietnam because it more funny than Vietnam. The teacher is nice. I Always read English books. I see films by English on Disney or Cartoon. My favorite film is A Little Mermaid. it the great and adventure film. Sometimes I dream I'm at Canada to speak English because mu sisters brothers live there.

 Hi I live in Albania !
I speak albanian,italian & english!
My favorite language is English.I learn it to school...

Hello, I live in  Spain.
I speak  galician and spanish too at home.
I read galician, spanish, portuguese &  english.
I learn  english at school.

I speak montenegrin, english and I'm learning french. I watch TV programms in english, usually... I like this website very much<3

i come from turkey and my names ece i watch and speak  turkish

 im David im Macedonian...i love speaking english all the time...sometimes i make youtube videos about me...

i speak ONLy macedonian and english ...i will learn more

 Hello ! My name is Bora and i am from Albania.I live in Durres .I speak Albanian at home at school(just in english lesson).I learn English in school and i love it .

 Hi friends!İ'm Ayça from Turkey.But i'm speak turkey!actually i speak turkish,but i very love speak english.i played all games English!İ buying english books and films.in short i very love speak english!