Buzz and Bob are at an adventure camp. What sports will they do there? Watch and find out!

Story by Sue Clarke | Animation by Cambridge English Online


Buzz and Bob do lots of exciting sports at the adventure camp. Which sport would you like to try? Tell us about it!

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 its amazing buzz saved bob XD

its cool and the song is cool toI LOVE IT!!!
buzz saved bob if it wasent for buzz bob would fall and die!!!!!!!

Hi guys!

We're really happy that Buzz and Bob's big adventure is such a popular story! However, please remember our house rule number 4: be nice and polite, please! Everybody is allowed their opinion :-)

LearnEnglish Kids team

.....stop saying that you are buzz!....its just a video

 Bob said i can do  everything but he didn t .Buzz saved her (or me ha ha ha ).but it was boring and funny too.
Bye from $ARA     :) 

is a bee...

wow a good story

So much for: "Hi, I'm Bob I can do everything!" And he can't.

 that was what I tell