What's your favourite food? Tell us about a traditional meal from your country.

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 My favourite foods are:

  • Spaghetti
  • Chicken and Chips
  • Lasagne
  • Pizza

I'm from Czech Republic.

Good bye.

Hi! My name is tra.I'm from viet nam.My favourite food is pizza,chicken.pancake.

I come from Lebanon our traditional meals are:

  • Tabbouleh
  • Shishtaouk
  • Chawarma
  • Moughrabieh
  • Mouhallabieh
  • Moughleh

I like especially the Moughrabieh which is made of chicken, meat, onions, hommos and special round small balls made of bread that are steamed.

I also like the Mouhallabieh which is made of milk, sugar, corn flour, rose and flower spirit.

My favorite food is macarroni . One traditional food in my country is sausage with beans and aioli . I'm from barcelona .

I am from Czech Republic.
I am a vegetarian. I like:

  • pizza
  • potato soup
  • chocolate
  • bread with Marmite

Typical Czech food what I like is   tomato sauce with dumplings and instead of meat I like Tofu burger with it.

Bye MagicalPearl50

my best food is

I like:
1. pizza
2. chocolate 
3. cakes
4. french fries
5. meat
6. pasta.

My dad is Croatian: a typical Croatian food is fish. My mum is Italian: a typical Italian food is pizza (but also pasta).


hello, I am from Bangladesh. I like pizza, chicken and fried rice. The traditional food of my place is rice and fish.

hallo PrincessFizzySweater,I like pizza too.
I am from Czech Republic.
I am a vege vegetaryján.
I like an ice cream as well but it is winter here so it is cold for
eating the ice cream

My favorite food is soup with potatoes and greens. One of the Armenian traditional meals is Dolma. This meal is made of meat, rice rolled in grape leav55es. I like Dolma very mach :)