Button up your coats. It's time to play! What English game will Sam and Pam play today?



Does your coat have buttons or a zip? What do you like to play outside? Write a comment and tell us!

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 Very fast , but i and my mom  like it very much.

It's beautyfule song!

 I really like this one, it makes me smile : )

It was a great song!

I love the song, but I couldn't catch as it is very fast.

Hi GreenBowKid,
I'm glad you enjoyed the song! Why don't you listen to it a few more times so that you can catch it all?

LearnEnglish Kids team 

the song is nice but difficult- kaltra

the song is nice

 and my baby cozen 

th's song is verry verry verry funny!!!!..........button up! button up! zip! zip! sorry! so th's song is........ lol lol lol!!!!!!