Practise sea animal words with this song about underwater life.

Song developed by Cambridge English Online


What was your favourite sea animal in the song? Have you ever seen any of these animals? Tell us about it!

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It's very lovely song!!

it's a beautiful song. my litle sister likes this,

My little sister likes this song

 very very good

All in all, very COOL SONG, easy to sing along!

  •  it is really good  
  • it is great
  • it is cool

In your song there was a cod. Where is it now???? You want to say that all fish will be gone soon? Very sad future.
Today in my town there was a big fire in the big rubbish mountain. Very sad present.

lalalalalalalalalalaaaaalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! like my singing? :)

 Did you know,
That fishes that glow looks only on his head!

Does  it  have  magical  power  like  mine ?