A boy is sad when his favourite clothes don't fit him any more. What will his mum do with them? Watch and find out!

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This boy in the story loves his favourite clothes. What are your favourite clothes? Tell us about them!

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 I like to wear T-shirts very much! But I like to wear only white T-shirts...
I like this funny story very much!!!

 Hey i like this story

My favourite clothes are jeans and boots

 my favorite thing to wear is a lovely T-shirt . It's white and it has got a picture of an elephant on it . I love it because I got it for Christmas last year.

My  favorite clothes are  jeans and sweatshirt . The sweatshirt is grey and has got a big heart and Daisy  on it .

oh i think it os very beautiful or   not ?!

it is nice. i still love my old clothes

i sometimes put clothes on my toys

Ha Ha Ha.That was funny:)

I  love  this  story