Make your own comic strip and send it to your friends.

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 HELLO! I am ALYSSA.I know you remember me.

  • It's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
  • It's wonderful!!!!!!
  • IT'S AH! COOL ALSO!!!!!!!!

As I like making comic strips I HOPE there would be more games like this one!!!!!!

Hello friends!
I love make comics.
Bye, Daría. =)

Hello I'm Thoma s Finke from Bolzano, in Italy.
I'm 9 years old. I have sky and I watch the Olimpya games every day. I like every sport bt I prefer fencil and trampoline. I play trampoline near Bolzano.
If you want to be my friend please write me.
Bye bye Thomas

I'm Federica and I live in Bolzano too!!! I'm 9 years old!! i like play volley-ball and play with my friends and sister Vittoria.
I like go to: montain, see and lake! I love swimming and watching tv
See you soon by by



 AWSOME !!!!

'mom im home

this game is so awesome....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!