It's spring in the forest and the animals are waking up. But where is Bruno the bear? Watch and find out!

Story by Sue Clarke | Animation by Cambridge English Online


 The lazy bear in the story sleeps a lot! What time do you usually go to bed and what time do you get up in the morning? Tell us about it!

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Haha The Story Is Really Funny and about the bear haha its really really very lazy guy!

I think so too..       

i'm from korea
i'm like the bear in the story ~~
bear ~ bear~bear

i like it

i like you too

It's really a lazy bear!

somebody has to wake bruno up

I don't know. I go to bed at night. My toys stay on my desk at night. I don't know what time I get up. I wake up in the morning. I like getting up in the morning.

I usually go to bed at 10 o’clock in the evening. Before I go to bed I will read storybooks for about ten minutes with my mother and eat some delicious bread and yogurt. Sometimes I watch English movies before I go to bed. I don’t sleep with any Teddy Bears or toys. If I have a nice long sleep, I will get up at 7:20. I eat an egg and drink a glass of milk every morning before I go to school. I like getting up in the morning very much because I can go to school and play with my friends on the big playground after school.
I don’t want to be a lazy bear.