Do you like reading? Do you have a favourite book or comic? Tell us all about what you like to read here.

Your Turn: Reading
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I like reading books very much.

Hi! My name is Stefan and I am from Romania .
My favourite book is ,,Tabara"(survival guide) by Luis Sacher.

I'm not particularly fond of reading . My favorite book is Harry Potter . I want to read everything that you can to your website

I read all Harry Potters when I was 7 years old... :D Now I'm 12, and I read the same books in English :) J.K.R is very good writer. I like Cornelia Funke and Tuija Lehtinen too ;) 
I don't really read comics, but my brothers read Donald Duck (Finnish: Aku Ankka). 
I like writing too, I write 4-30 pages text in day :D
I hope you understand my "really good" English :D 

 I like reading the most . reading is my hobby 

hi i am new at this so what do i do 

Hello DJTurkeyZebra, 
You seem to have the hang of it! :) People here just find things on the site that they like and then comment on it. You have to wait for a few hours before you can see your comment though. 

Let us know if you have any more questions
Best wishes
LearnEnglish Kids team

I looooove reading!!!
I read in french and in german.
My favourite Autors are «Astrid lindgren» ,«Peter Härtling» and «Klaus Kordon»

I like reading books very much. 

I like reading books, especially storybooks but not comics. The tales I like are Black Beauty, The Secret Garden and The Wizard of Oz. But for the novel I like the most is" M Is For Magic". I like magical and mysteries and animals. And I like the books which I posted above. I wanted to read more books and read the famous one, "Merlin".