Make a dangerous animal with this game. Choose a colour and then decide on the body parts to make your creature really scary!

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Game developed by Cambridge English Online
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So cool!

  1. Name: Unicorny
  2. Color: blue
  3. Mouth: a strong jaw & sharp teeth
  4. " Hat": a horn
  5. Tail: a tail whit a spike
  6. Legs: strong legs with claws
  • I love this game!

 My animal was named Flyfoo, and all he had was some spikes on his body!
(To make Flyfoo, make a blue animal with spikes! That's all you need to do!)

Liencivasa (Len- CIV-o-sa)

  1. Name means (Tailess).
  2. Lived in the Phillipenes and U.K
  3. Ate fish and bodies of dead dinos.
  4. Was the ansestor of all Arononthadons.

My animal is a Decaspiker.

  1. Lived in Europe, during Early Jurrasic.
  2. A very fierce predator: was as tall as Allosaurus.
  3. Name means "Ten Spikes".
  4. Did not sleep at night: was nocturnal.
  5. Species were arononthadons, not dinosaurs.

Who's Dutch?

My animal is named Gricho.
He has pinchers, a sharp beak, a tail with a sting, a horn
and he is color light green!
His type of animal, Biricornpions, lived in the area that is now Yellowstone, California.
Birinocornpions were champion fighters against...dragons and dinosaurs!

My dinosaur is called Gruff.
I like this game and even though I'm British and won't learn much from these games their still fun!!!

Mine is a dragon, his name is drago he has, all the things exept for the tail and mouth! LoL LoL LoL LoL!!! he's funny!!