Listen and sing along to a song about yummy food.

Song and lyrics by Boogie Mites UK. Animation by Cambridge English Online.


Do you like chicken, rice and peas? What's your favourite food?

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Very beautiful the music .

 Yummy yummy yummy  i  like it  i  wont  eat  it

Yummy yummy yummy

Put it in my tummy
I like, you like chocolate cake
I love chocolate cake

this song is great.I love chocolate cake.

yum...chocolate cake

how do you create the picture cartoon...,please reply to me......

Hi BlueMarathonGlitter,

To create your character click on the character.
This will take you to your profile.
Click on 'edit' and you can create and change your character here.

Have fun!


I like this song best! yummy~ put it in my tummy!!

THE BEST GAMES I EVER HEAR..........yummy yummy put in my tummy i like you like......

i love this song very mach