Would you like to do any of the jobs in this game?
What jobs would you like to do?

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Hey,KingElfGalaxy...! I'm LadyVioletTune,I'm from Vietnam and I'm Vietnamese.Mr.Medvedev came to Vietnam and met Prime Minnister Nguyen Tan Dung,did you know? :))

Its ok

 i like this game

This game is very good . Thanks a lot, Today I`ve knew some new words: a gown ,a surgeon, an overall,a tool.
I like to cut out different things of wood . I`ve already made a little tool , two  candlesticks , a kitchen tool kit and a support for hot . Now I am making an electrical night-lamp in our school circle .
my name is Vlad.

So cool and great I like it very much!!

I liked the game ... part of high school activities Serdan ...

my little brother loves it

I like that activity and it's fun :-) 

 this game is very easy!!!!!!!!

Yes, game is very easy