Which languages do you speak? Which languages do you speak at home and at school? Which language do you read in? Which language do you watch TV or films in? Which language do you dream in?

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 I can speak :

  1. Little english
  2. Russian
  3. Ukrainian
  4. Little german

Hello I'm from Armenia and  I can speak English,Armenian and Russian!

I speak on Russian, English and French. I speak in home and school on Russian. I learn in school French and Russian. English I learn with my mum at my home. Mum downlord films on English in Internet and I watch.

Hello everybody! My name is Veronica.
I speak

  • Polish
  • English & American
  • French
  • Spanish

At home I speak Polish because my parents are Polish. And at school, I speak English obviously! I read in all these languages (English, Polish, French, Spanish) but the easiest language for me to read is English because I am English.
We have 2 TVs (one English, one Polish) so I watch the English one the most, but I sometimes watch the Polish one. 
Which language do I dream in? English of course!
Sometimes, it is hard to speak so many languages! I sometimes forget Polish and talk English to my mom. This is because I mostly speak English. ^U^

 Hello! I'm Spanish, I can speak 3 languages:
That's the languages that I learn in school, if you ask me for my favourite, I maybe that...... that....... that my favourite language after Spanish is English!
                                                    Greeting from Spain

I´m spanish too, but I speak galician because I live there.

I speak Arabic at home ,school,I read Arabic & some English,I watch films & TV in Arabic & English,I wish to learn French too

first thank you for this fantastic site
i speak Arabic and English at home and school
i can speak Japanese

I speak french. At home and at school, I speak french. All french.

 I can speak english.ı can speak a little french.we see  this lenguages in our school:

  • turkish
  • english

ı watch english and turkish series...