There are strange things in the dark, dark wood! What are they? Watch and find out!

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Imagine you find another house in the dark, dark wood. What’s inside? Tell us about it!

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dear friends,
I want to tell you a scary nightmare i wachted recently...
                                                                                the wood.
I was lost in a strange forest,my mind seemed to be somewhere else....suddenly a  shriek noise was heard.craaaaaaaak!the noise was around me and I saw yellow eyes gazing at was so scary!all of a sudden abig and green creature run towards me,losing no time I ran as fast as I could.but the creature covered me with a green liquid......the creature brought me to a mysterious house. here ,the food was not very good:salad of spiders and juice of eggs of scorpion......beurrrk!I met some ghosts.they told me to that they would rescue me because the creature would eat me in 3 hours,they did what they said.i was free and happy.i return back home and i never heard the name of creature again......

I like it!
I was surprised when I saw the ghost!
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This  story is very funny and scary. I like this story.

it is booooooooooooring ...................
it isn't scary 

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I like this story.

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