When do you give presents to people? Who do you give presents to? Do you make presents or do you buy them? What's your ideal present?

Your Turn: Presents
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I really love giving presents for special days for my family and best friends. Actually I like to giving man-made cards additionally to gifts.
Last year it was television program which gave for kids  the presents of dream of them whole life. and I hoped in X-mas  miracle and expect the gift from television Santa. But unfortunately I didn't win. But in X-mas evening my parents said me I would have the sister and it was the best gift for me
P.S.write I and my mum

I Love to giving pressents

i like gifts

I always make gift for my BFF named Lien at NEW YEAR time . Sometime is it made by me, or my mum buy card for me to write to her.

Hello everybody, what you make today? I am new
regards DjFogMotorbike

 A tie; For my father.
A shirt, pyjamas and a pullover; For my mother.
A book;For my grandmother.  And  these presents are for christmas. 
I give presents at birthdays, at christmas... My parents are my present team. :D They give presents together. Sometimes I make presents, sometimes I buy. But usually I buy. :D My ideal present for other people; pullover. My ideal present for me Adobe Photoshop Cs5 program. :D I LOVE PHOTOSHOP! <3

 I love giving presents to my friends on some special days,and my friends give presents to me too!
My ideal present is a puppy.
P.S: I hope I can make some  friends on this website.


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