Would you like to make your own monster? Make a monster with this game.

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my monster is purple.
my monster has two red eyes. it has a yellow nose.
my monster has two green legs. it can shout

  • My monster is red.
  • My monster has two red eyes. It has a red nose.
  • My monster has two red legs. It can dance.
  • He is orange
  • He has no arms and legs
  • He has long two eyes and yellow sharp teeth and he looks ugly and he has no ears (maybe he can't hear)
  • All what he does is sneezing, everyone calls him "Mr. Lazy", but I call him Mr. Potato. 


my monter is blue!!

i love this game

Its fun!I like this!

  • my monster is orange and green.
  • my monster has green arms.
  • it has webed feet.
  • it has red nose. 


* my monster is green
*it has red eyes
*he has green ears
*he has green arms
*he has a blue nose
*he has yellow pointed teeth
* he has orange feet
It can dance,sing,sneeze,blowup... It is so funny... I just love it...................
                                     your friend: Nethmi