October 31 is Halloween. Do you celebrate Halloween where you live? If so, what do you do? If not, what do you know about this spooky day? Happy Halloween! 

Your Turn: Halloween
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Hi @ThoughtfulTwilightHarp! You dressed up in the same cotume as I dressed up last year (2011).
Thanks for the safety note. I hope everybody read it! It is very important that people do walk with a parent and NEVER come into strangers' house.

Yes, in my country people do not celebrate Halloween.But I learn English, and our class often have a party on the 31st October. We put candles in the pumkings , wear different costums...
For me Halloween is not scary - IT'S FUNNY!!!)))))
                               Happy Halloween !!!

  •  In my country we don´t celebrate halloween but we  celebrate an other  parties.
  • Good bye!!!!!!!!!!

 no i don't celebrate it. But i love it! I hope someday I can celebrate it and I will be a vampire :D

 hallowin is my prefer celebration :)

Yes,i celebrate it .I with my friends go to people's homes and ask them to give us sweets or maybe they want traps.I wear a scary custome but my favourite custome is the custome of Dante Vale,a member of Huntik  foundation.

Hello ! I'm Latife. I'm Turkish. I'm from Turkish. How are you??
I love English.....
Would you like to be friends?

 I like Halloween, but in Russia we don't celebrate it.

  •  and in the darkdark box , there was a ghost!!!!

I love halloween,so does my sister.It's scary but fun.