What's a snake's favourite subject at school?

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Snakes 'hissss'. If you add a longer 'ssss' sound to history you hear the noise a snake makes.


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 Really funny joke, I liked it alot. By the way my name is lina.( Leena)

Dear Princess Pixie Pea,
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Can somebody gues what the answer is?  :
<One day it was a man who came to a city on a Friday,
He staid in the city in three days, and went home on friday..>
How did he do that!!
Please gues what it is! :)

Hi Turquoise Lake 8000,
I know what the answer is. Friday is a horse. So the man went to the city on the horse and came back after 3 days riding the same horse( Friday)
Is it correct?

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Hi Princess Pixie Pea!
The Magic Monkey game
is realy cool!   :D

hey my name is jacob