A hungry dragon is looking for breakfast. What does Sia do? Watch and find out!

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The hungry dragon eats lots of different food. What do you like to eat when you're really hungry? Tell us about it!

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My favourite:breakfast is bread,butter and jam;
                       lunch:fried bacon,meatballs and mashed patatoes;
                        supper:cheese and cream and corn;
                        drink & snack:water & fruit.

My favourite:
        -breakfast is milk and cereal
        -lunch is soup,mashed patatoes and snitzel.
        -supper is pasta and parmezan.
        -drink is water
        -snack is sandwich

when i am really hungry, i like anything to eat. as usual,i eat a bowl of cereal , some vegetable and fruit for my breakfast .i eat some vegetable and a bowl of rice for lunch and supper. i always drink a glass of milk before go to bed ,but i don't like eating much meat. my favourite drink is tea .

The story is funny

my name is ogre the monster ha!ha!ha! i was just joking man!!!!!!

I loved this story!!!

Wow its cool. The dragon is very hungry because it wakes up after every hundred years. So it is very hungry
It almost eaten
2 chickens and 1 plate of rice and all the food at home
50 meatballs 12 plates of sticky rice 6 Puddings and 1 cake at restaurant
All the fruits and vegetables at the shop
Till it was little bit hungry
 But for the 1sweet it was not hungry
It is cool.Nice story.SUPER story.

I am so sorry for the  drogon, because you can eat everything if you are hungry for hundreds years

I think if there is no boys for breakfast, there will be girls for breakfast after a hundred years!!!
I like the story...  *