Kim and Ken are twins who live at the zoo. What do they do each day of the week? Watch and find out!

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The twins do lots of different things with the animals at the zoo. What do you do on the different days of the week? Tell us about it!

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I like this story because i love the animals very much......My favorite animal is a horse....

Hi, I'm Veronica, I'm 10 years old.
I have a twin too! His name is Mati. From Monday-Friday we go to school (TIME: 8.40am-15.10pm) and after we've went to school we go to the park or sometimes do our homework (but only once week!) And at Suturday of course we go shopping too! At Sunday we go for a trip with our mum and dad. We, just like those twins, have a VERY busy week too! How does your week go? Busy? Like mine. Or not very?
                                             Bye! Kisses from Veronica xox

from Monday to Friday ,i have to be at school by day and i  play for just a little time after school because of many homework. on the weeken , i always do some housework , then go to the park

I like this story very much ... Because i like the animal's and the day i want to become a animal scientist (LOL)

  • NICE STORY ANYWAY LOVE IT !!! :  ) : ).             

i love this stories it is so fun i kind like animals and kinda don't so i enjoy every bit of it

Que? What?

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 i loved it

good story

i like it very much . it is funny