What do you want to be when you are older? What do you think are the best and the worst jobs?

Your Turn: Jobs
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I want to be a famous engineer

 i want to be singer,model,teacher and docter i hope i can grant my ideal

I want to be a famous artist...or maybe a scientist :)

I'd like to be a doctor , this is for sure ! Maybe somewhere in england!

When  I   be    older  ,   I   want   to   be   an   archaeologist. Because   I   like     excavation    and    adventure.

Maybe i will be a teacher in the future

I want to be a ... deep breath......doctor,lawyer,writer,fashion designer,scientist,..
i think that the best job is scientist and the worst job is trash man.... PLEASE WRITE BACK

 Hey Miss Lucky Mouse!
I tell you about my busy day of today:
At 8 o 'clock I went to school where, for an hour, I have studied.
At 9 o'clock we left school and we went to the training camp. We had a snack when we arrived and we prepared to race against the the class 4th B (I'm in the 4th A).
While waiting for the other, we talked and we play the games between us.
After an hour it came our turn. I was very very nervous and very excited. I was afraid of making mistakes. But unfortunately my class has lost against class 4th B, who won a prize. Some have left the camp with a sad face, some crying, others commenting.
But I am not sad to have lost, I'm happy because I enjoyed doing the race and I could have stay away from school for a day.

At half past twelve p.m. we went home.  

 Tomorrow I will go with my class at training camp. We'll have a race and the class thatwins will receive a prize. But my classmates are very slow and so will never win :-(

I have practiced a lot, even at home, but it did not depend only by me, unfortunately.



 I want to be a ballet dancer (I love ballet!), an ornithologist, a scientist or a writer.
What do you think Miss Lucky Mouse?