Buzz and Bob are at an adventure camp. What sports will they do there? Watch and find out!

Story by Sue Clarke | Animation by Cambridge English Online


Buzz and Bob do lots of exciting sports at the adventure camp. Which sport would you like to try? Tell us about it!

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ok I can drive bycycle
I can climb the mountain
do you think only you can do every thing
If Iam not buzz so you what

  • let me tell my part that I dont like Bob in it
  1. he is telling I can do every thing and he cant
  2. he is making himself strong when he ride BMX bickes
  3. why he is going to climb if he dont now
  4. if he was scared why he go to the camp
  5. if he scared from the bat why he go
  6. he is making him self great surfer 
  7. nothing
  • thing I dont like on buzz
  1. he throw the rock into buzz head
  2. nothing

I like the story.It's good.İt is interesting.I like the girl Buzz.She is very brave.And Bob is not brave.He's afraid of rafting and bats.


coolllllllllllll  :)

This is a great story

Very good

Very very easy

Buzz is very brave

I didn't like it, because they are two very silly people.