The marathon is a 42km race! It was first run 2,500 years ago. What is the history of this race? Watch and find out!

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The marathon is a very long race. Do you like running? Tell us about it!

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Yes,i like running.I can go until 0.1km.No,i don't.Yes,i do.

 this is boring story

It's so great!

This is my favourite story of my country!

i like running,recently i am going on a diet , so i  run everday. my friends and i have never run a marathen,but i want to try it if i have a chance .

Pheidippides didn't do a good job. He forgot to tell the second message before he died.

How could you sugesst that?He died before he could tell the second message.

he still ran too far and that caused him death you can't blame him for dieing.

 he was running boy yo