When's your birthday? How do you celebrate your birthday? What's the best birthday present you have ever got?  What do you do at birthday parties?

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I've had severel birthdays in my lifetime but the one which stood out for me was my 11th birthday. I got home from school and everything was quiet the lights were out and nothing seemed to be around. I asssumed it was a suprise party only my familly wouldn't be able to pull it off and when I swithced the light on nothing happened. I looked around the house and nobody was around. I called but nobody answerd. I saw a torch on the table and noticed a note it said that I should go into the garden and there I saw beautiful latterns and my old friends from were I used to live was there I was so happy I ran to hug them only I woke up and it was only a dream and it couldn't of been true because at the time I was homeschooled. I looked out the window nothing was there so I went back to sleep. When I awoke my parents started singing happy birthday to me it made me happy but the dream made me relize how much I missed my friends. I went on the computer to check my email at break but they hadn't returned my emails it was like they had compleatly forgotten about me. After tea I found a letter from all my old friends and it said that they'd see me soon. The next day my friends were all round they were on a school trip it was the best birthday present ever!

Hello Everybody!
Nice to see you here!
I am Rufat from Azerbaijan.
Here in my country we have different cookies or sweets for birthdays.
Especially our grandmothers cook very very tasty foods.
Wait all of you one time here.
Have fun! bye)))

i am  malak
i am from egypt
i am born in 2000

Hi! My birthday is on the 4th of September. On my birthday we usually go for a walk, play the games, eat a lot of tasty things and I receive presents from my dearests and nearests.  My best birthday present was a pillow. My birthday parties always are very funny.

I'm Aditha....i am from Sri lanka.....my birthday is 18-04....my mom made nice train cake for me......I like that very much.....

My birthday is on February. I was born in 2001

My birthday is in January. I was born in 1999. My best birthday present was a modem. It was from my dad and my mom... O-)

Same here except my Birthdays the 7th of January. I'm gusseing your American because you say Mom I say Mum.

 hi, I am White Forest Piano...
I was born in February 1999 which is also Charles Darwin's birthday...
I am sooo happy to know that because Charles Darwin is not an ordinary man..
I never make a birthday party but my family always go to a special restaurant and celebrate it there...
And the most special gift that I had was my best friend that always understand me no matter where and what... I think my bestfriend was the most appreciate gift I had..
p/s : If my English broken, please 4give me cuz I usually not speaking in my daily life.. :) But I try.. thank you for reading my comment..