Would you like to make your own monster? Make a monster with this game.

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He's UGLY :'( I dnt wnt him 2 be UGLY like me :'(

 my alien is better then anybody's 

he has  yelllow hands
he has green ears
he dancing

he is green
he has green hands and orange legs
he has red eyes with blue nose and big yellow teeth
he is like to eat the people, he is so scary.....

i have a funny monster.

 i            like           this         game.        It              is           funn.          I t      has            red    eyes.            It          has           green               ears               and       green          arms.           It           is         very             funny.

he has green
he has green arms and green legs
he has one square eyes, he ears like leaf.
he like to scream and eat

i love this game

I love this game, it's so funny! Did you follow his instructions?

he looks white
he has white arms and white legs
he can kill us....