What season is it where you live? What's the weather like in the different seasons in your country? What's your favourite season?

Your Turn: Seasons
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hi i live in egypt i like summer

i live in karachi .here in karachi is summer ..today is very hot
my favourite season is winter.

Hi my name is aleya i''m from Malaysia but my family from Saudi Arabia .And now i in Malaysia ,in Malaysia is Atume. In weekend I and my family picked the leaves and flowre from the ground
Atmeeeeeeee yepppppppppp!!!!!! :-D

 hi, i live in Algeria we have 4 seasons and i love spring 

 i live in serang-indonesia . in indonesia have 2 season dry and rainy .
the weather today is very cold 
my favourite season is raining , becouse raining season is cool

It is summer in Viet Nam
It's sunnny
I like spring

Hello i  live in Niger where it is the raining season.
The weather  today is cloudy  and  fresh.
My favorite season is  winter Because i can throw snow balls.

 hey my name is sunny and my favorite season is spring!

Its summer in my country.Today temperatures are 29 C and its hot.If i have to talk for my favourite season i can say that i like winter and summer.I like winter becouse we celebrate Christmas and New year but  like summer too becouse we can go on vacations and relax and then be prepared for our work.

I love winter because In winter, It's have a special day is Christmas. Other holiday in this season is halloween. Happy season