Do you like football? Which team do you support? Which country do you think is going to win the World Cup?

Your Turn: Football
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 ı support galatasaray because ıt won UEFA. ıt is my favourite team.Also ı support national team.I'm crazy about football.ı think, Argentina is going to win World Cup.

 yes i like.
i support brazil and realmadred.

Yep, i like football very much.I play as striker in my school team.
SPAIN AND ARSENAL are the best!!

i am girl and it is hard for me to play foot ball because it very hard for me  but if  i was a boy it will be munch easy

Don't say that please! If you want to you can do anything! I'm a girl too and I can play football! DON'T UNDERESTIMATE US.

yes i too like foot ball i support to brazil

yes,I like football too much. I support my national team EGYPT.I think that brazil is going to win next world cup

Hello !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm  Eve. I watch football . I play football at  school .

I think Spain is going to win next World Cup because David Villa and Fernando Torres are the best striker of the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Hey Guys!
But my favorite team is fc Olymmpic Lyon from France. 
From Azerbaijan is fc Qarabagh.
From turkey is fc trabzonspor.
And from G.Britain i love Tottenham