Lottie is talking about her dad. Is her dad like yours? Watch and find out!

Story by Kim Ashmore | Animation by Cambridge English Online


Lottie tells us about her dad. Can you describe someone in your family? Tell us what they look like and what they do!

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Every time at the weekends my dad and my brother play video games and making spaghetti. yummy!

my dad is strong man  yo.

 I love my dad and mum 

I love my dad and mum

My dad's name is Dario.I like my dad because he is 40 years old.My brother and my dad likes video games.My dad and I like joking.My dad  and  my mom  are busy so much.

I like my dad

  • My father's name is Wilson. He is 55 yrs old.
  • He has black eyes. His hair is heart shaped looked.
  • He wakes up early morning at 7:00 am and prepare and of course, he has to get ready and go to work. His daily routine is  going shopping.
  • He is a cabby. (taxi driver).
  • He watches news & reads the papers.(newspapers).
  • We catch fish.
  • We go on outings.

Thats all about my dad. XOXO PrincessWhiteFirefly.

I love this story i can tell all of you about my dad later on. XOXO PrincessWhiteFirefly

My Dad

  •  His name is Jared and he's 34
  • He has no hair, hazel brown eyes, and a goatee
  • He wakes up, showers, eats breakfast, and drives me to school
  • He is an attorney
  • And on weekends he plays and hangs out with us