What season is it where you live? What's the weather like in the different seasons in your country? What's your favourite season?

Your Turn: Seasons
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I live in hcm city. now it is autum. it is foggy all day. there is rainy in the evening. it is a bit cold in the morning. i like spring.

oh nice to meet you, I live in Ho Chi Minh city too but in district 1. Now it summer not autunm although It's rain recently
And don't you know in Viet Nam only has 2 season are dry and rainy

in my country it s sunny and i like it very much

hi,my  name is beko iam from sudan .my favouriteseasons is rainy

Hallo , I 'm from Egypte . my name's dody . I like summer .

hi, i'm from romania.in my country it is summer now , i like summer because i am playing with my friends                                     

hi I am Omar I live in Egypt , the weather is hot today. My best season is summer because I play with my friends,I watch tv ,I practise sports

I am Bogdan from Romania.I am nine years old .Here is sunny. I like this because I can play with my friends. Hy everybody!!

Hello,I'm From Turkey.İt's Sunny Today.My Favorite Season İn Winter.You Can Add Friends Who Want To ße