Do you like fruit? What's your favourite fruit? How many pieces of fruit do you eat every day?

Your Turn: Fruit
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I like fruits.My favorite fruit is starwberry,apple,banana,kiwi,orange

yes, I like fruit very much!, my favorite fruits are apples and guanabanas. I eat one fruit each day.

I like fruit so much. My favorite fruit is Litchi. I also like mango, watermelon, banana,strawberry . Everyday i always eat many fruits. 

Also I am sorry, I forgot.
Blueberries are my favourite of them all!

My favourite are strawberries, apples and blackberries.
They are so yummy, I can't wait for summer because I like grapes as well.
Also I eat 1 apple on a day. On weekends though I eat strawberries! I don't count though.

Comparing... I love fruits more than other food. Favourite fruit? I do not have a favourite fruit, I love all of them except cherry tomatoes. My mom said that the cherry tomatoes are good for health, and rich in Vitamin C's , but I really don't like them, they're very sour.  I eat diffrent kinds of fruits every day, unless there are no fruits left in my house. Yesterday, I just ate some starfruits. They're so tasty! I usually eat 5 to 15 pieces of imported apples or oranges a day. That's my life with my fruit pals.

i eat 1 carrot 1 apple a few strawberries mainly. but i love raspberries!!!

I like fruits very much. My favourite fruit is banana, I often eat one after dinner. I think I eat one or two pieces of fruit every day.

Hi, I am Nour. Yes, I love fruits. My favourite fruit is mango. I eat one or two per day.

 I like fruit so much.My favourite fruit are grape,apple,banana,kiwi,strawberry,watermelon...many many else. Every day i always have dessert after the meal.The dessert is yummy fruit. Eat much fruits is very good for health and it's help we feel better so you need to eat fruits everyday okay?