When's your birthday? How do you celebrate your birthday? What's the best birthday present you have ever got?  What do you do at birthday parties?

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 Hiiiii :) My birthday is on september..I celebrate it with my friends & family ...:D

  • My birthay is in april 16 2001
  • I celebrate my birthay in my house with my friends
  • My best birthay present was: my doggy
  • I usually play with my friends and my dog
  • My birthday is on 4 july 2000
  • My parents buy a cake for me
  • My best birthday present was my trip to merida
  • I usually play with my dog and go to the cinema

My brithday  is on 15 january.
I celebrate my birthday in my house.
my best  brithday present was when I went to a huatulco with my family
I usually play with my friends.

my brthday is on april 7

I celebrate my birthday with a party
my best birthday present was my nintendo DSI XL.
I usually play Wii in my birthday

My birthday is on 13th of august.

 I took a party with a cake. I got presents from my friends.I played with my frinds and we went to Aquama.WE PLAYED IN!.we swom in the pool.We dressed up and we went to our house.

Hi! My name is Carmina. My birthday is on 7th february.   My sister and my friends make me a amaizing party..........................................

 My Birthday is on 27 Febuary my favourite !
My most favourite 1 is my 9th Birthday I celebrated it at Sunway Lagoon I invited 2 girls only! (Cause its quite expensive) 2nd favourite is my 7th Birthdy I celebrate it with my Gymnastic friends! My most best presents are being with my friends and having a puppy as my pet!    

I'm Eliza and my birthday is on April 21st. I celebrated it last year by my family giving me a surprise Disneyworld trip!! Before we left I had a birthday party with my friends where we made crafts. At Disneyworld I met the real-life princesses! I told them I wanted to a princess too, and they smiled at me!