The girl in this story really wants to be a record breaker. Will she break a record? Watch and find out!

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There are lots of different world records in this story. Which record would you like to try and break? Tell us about it!

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Wow! nice story!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Record breakers

Even  I  want  to  be  a  record  breaker !

I play cricket with my Father.
Last week  my highest score was 50.Yesterday I broke my own record and it was 54 runs
My father could get only 28 runs. So I won the match by 26 runs!!!!
HE sad:
"Next time I will brake your record!"

Hi jumpingtownspring did you know you submitted on my birthday April 7!

Well it only takes 30 mins to finish my meal.

If then, I have broke your record because I finish my meal in less than 5 minutes!!

 It boooooooring.Nothing to be exited,not funny.

i like this game so much