Where can you buy birthday cake? Where can you buy bananas? Paint the things the same colour as the shop you'd buy them in.


How to play: 

Here are the names of four shops - baker's, chemist's, greengrocer's and newsagent's. Paint the things you buy in the baker’s blue, the things you buy in the chemist’s pink, the things you buy in the greengrocer’s green and the things you buy in the newsagent’s purple.

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Good for kids of ALL AGES!!!

that was boring and easy

this game is good

That was boring, dum and a baby game

                  it was so boring and noisy

 it was easy and simple

 interesting   very very good

 interesting game

but i think this game is hard and boring for me

Because I am seeing the word 'CHOCOLATE CAKE' I am feeling hungry and I have a fever!!!!!!!!!