Which words are places to sit or stand, describe people, are things, or are verbs? Can you paint the words to put them in the right groups?


How to play: 

Here are some people, places, things and verbs from the Olympic and Paralympic games . Paint the people blue, the places pink, the things green and the verbs purple.

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this is very good to practic pronunciation

what is paralympic

my name is Alyssa.
I don't know Paralympics.You might get your answer from someone else bye

It is Olympics for disabled people.

Dear WowCaterpillarYesterday,
The Paralympic games is an international competition for athletes with disabilities. The London 2012 Paralympic Games begin on August 29th.

LearnEnglish Kids team

Friends one question what is your favourite sport please answer me. ;)

My favorite sport is soccer

nice game

It's funny! =)