Here are six pets. Can you paint them the right colours?


How to play: 

Read or listen to the instructions. Click on a colour to select it, and then click on the object to colour it.

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it is very funny and very easy i want one that is difficult than this

It is so eeeeaaaassssssyyyyyyyyy.

Dear CreamTurtleEel i
already have my stuff for
cool moves these are
the things i have
1. A skateboard
2. A bag of beans that blasts you to space
3. My helmet 
4. My shoes and that's all
learn english student

nice game :) i like it

i thourght to paint it any coulor you wanted hay im new but i like the wabsite.

please I want to make friends 'cuz I don't have...

I don't have friends ether lets be friends

i think it was good and a bit bouring after i played a long time and by the way im 5 years old and i am in prep.

cooooooool !!!!!!!