Here is a picture of a clown's face. Can you colour the picture? Read or listen to the instructions.


How to play: 

Read or listen to the instructions. Click on a colour to select it, and then click on the object to colour it. For example, if you read or hear 'Colour his nose red', click on the red colour and then click on the clown's nose. You will paint his nose red.

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Ok, this game is sort of boring. I'm sorry, it's just my opinion. Maybe you should make it "Colour-by-Numbers"! It's fun, sometimes!


This game is very, very very easy game

its fantastic

 funny game

You know..

1.i love clowns

2.i love coloring

thanks a lot

It`s funny

 Everygame "paint it" is funny and easi. This game is for a children at 5 or 8 years old

Too easy for me... just kidding!