Here are some descriptions of animals you can see in a zoo. Read the clues and try to guess the animals.


How to play: 

Read the clue then spell the word by clicking on the letters. If you choose too many wrong letters, the monkey will get squashed.

Average: 4 (902 votes)


Now I know these animals.

it is very good:)

it is fun but a little hard

I didn't know Rhino.

My score is: 99%, tries: 52, hits: 51, misses: 1, see answers: 0, time: 217.98 sec.

i love it so much now i know these animals ,thanks British council.

no problem!


I love music and Monster High

It is so easy! My score is 100% My tries were 51 and my hits were also 51. My misses were 0 and I did not see a single answer. My time is 280.60 secs. I think I am outstanding in this game!