Old MacDonald has lots of animals on his farm. Can you remember them all? Listen to the song Old MacDonald to help you.


How to play: 

Read the clue then spell the word by clicking on the letters. If you choose too many wrong letters, the monkey will get squashed.

Average: 4 (310 votes)


COOL game:D

good one,there is no tractor mentioned in the rhyme

i don't like it

It's okay but not too good. And a duck isn't small! My score is 88. There were 32 tries, and my hits were 30. I had 2 misses and saw only 1 answer. Pretty good, as I'm playing it for the 1st time!

It is difficult but I like it :)

I like it :)

 It isn't very hard!!!

This game is realy, realy, realy easy! :)

 100 %