Have you heard about the Loch Ness monster? It's a sea monster from Scotland, and appears in many stories and legends. Find out more about the Loch Ness monster with this activity.


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Click and drag the words into the gaps to complete the eight sentences.
When you are finished click on 'submit' to check the sentences, or click on 'answers' to see the complete sentences.

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i don't no about Nessie ):

i don't no about Nessie )

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hi everybody
my score are 61 from 64
and about the question I AM 50% taht have a monster in the lake


Hi! my score is 64 from 64))
And I think Nessie is a real animal. Iwant too see it!

oooo interesting

oooooooohhhh me too

Hi everyone,
Nessie is a monster in real life. But is dangerous be cause is a monster dinosaur too. Guys the Nessie in UK, scottland. Nessie was gone in 1933 year. Nessie in dinosaur name surgeon loch ness monster and the last dinosaur live in dis world and now all dinosaurs and monsters life a another planets

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My score is 100 %