How much do you know about the countries and the cities in the United Kingdom? Try to fill in the gaps in this text.


How to play: 

Click and drag the words into the gaps to complete the eight sentences.
When you are finished click on 'submit' to check  the sentences, or click on 'answers' to see the complete sentences.


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I like this game very much.

I like it!

It's too easy!!

it's too easy for you! You are from United Kingdom! ;)

 i love this very much

It's very interesting, but there is a mistake: the capital of Northern Ireland is Belfast, and the capital of Wales is Cardiff.

Hi DJHamsterLeaf,
You are absolutely correct: Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland and Cardiff is the capital of Wales. When I played the game, this was OK. Can you play again to check?

Best wishes,
LearnEnglish Kids team

I liked it

i like this game is very interesting my score is 100,00%

It is to easy, i love England very much