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What's your daily routine?

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I wake up at 8.00
I get up at 9.00
I have breakfast at 9.10
I get dressed at 10.00
I clean my teeth
I do homework
I have dinner
I go to bed at 24.00

Coronavirus Morning Routine:

I wake up at 9:00
I get up at 9:01
I clean my teeth at 9:30
I have breakfast at 9:45
I call my friend at 10:00
I watch TV at 11:00

I wake up at 7:00
I have breakfast at 7:15
I go to school by car
I go home at 4:15
I have dinner at 7:30

I wake up at 7.30
I take breakfast at 7.45
I dress up at 8.00
I clean my teeth at 8.10
I go to school at 8.22

l get up 6:00 am
l clean my teeth at 6:10 am
lget dessd at6 :17 am
l have my breakfast at 6:20 am
l go to school at 7:00 am
l go to home at 4 :00 pm
l take the food 4 :10 pm
l do homework at 6 :00 pm
l have a shower at 6 :10 pm
l have a dinner at 7: 00
I clean my teeth at 8 :50
l go to bed at 9 :00

I clean my teeth 07:00
I get dressd at 06: 18
I have eat my breakfast 06:25
I go to school at 07:00
I go to home at 02:30
I do homework at 04:00
I have eat my dinner at 08:00
I have a shower at 07 :15
Iclean my teeth at 07:30
I go to bed at 08:00

I wake up at 06:00
I geat up 06:13

I wake up at 7:30 pm
I get up at 7;32 pm
I have a shower at 8:00 pm
I brush my teeth at 8:20 pm

I wake up at 7:45
I get up at 8:00
I clean my teeth at 8:15
I do my homework at 9:00
I watch tv at 11:00
I have lunch at 2:00
I play computer games at 4:00-7:00
I watch a movei with my family at 8:00- 11:00
I go to bed at 11:10

I can go to sleep at 23 o'clock because I'm eleven years old.